Time on app is different from the display on the thermostat

Hi all

So I’ve been noticing this lately on my thermostat but the time that it shows me on the page , will not be the same as the time displayed on the thermostat .

2 photos included below . 1 minute apart , it doesn’t say the minutes just the hour . I know it may seem like a small issue , but something I have noticed

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Not only are the time to temps different, they are astronomically inaccurate.

I once had a multi hour time to temp for a 3° temp drop. Like huh? Really?

I am wondering :thinking: how does the T-stat derive these numbers? Is it a learning T-stat that bases the time estimate on previous performance run times for similar temp ranges? Otherwise it would need to know the cubic footage and layout of my living space as well as the type and tonage of my HVAC unit. Is it some mathematical derivation of my time zone and local climate? Who knows?

But, perhaps I ponder too much. I ignore the times because they are useless to me. I just wait for it to do my bidding and provide me with unending glorious environmental comfort.


I have noticed that as well. From my understand from @spamoni4 it’s a learning thermostat and it can take up to 6 months to learn your house and everything . But it is just something I have noticed

Often times it’ll be stuck on 1 minute and that ends up being like 30 minutes . It’s veryyyy slow to update the time , we need faster updates for times most definitely