Time Line events and actual event time

I was viewing some playback from the SD card this morning and see that the time line shows 13:43 on the time line, the actual video event was at 14:43 yesterday because I saw it looking out the window. All times are correct for todays events on the line and video. If you’re looking for yesterdays events go back on hour.

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Time change to Daylight Saving Time messing lots of stuff up like that.

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Yes, all old footage is now an hour off on the timeline. You will also see that the time from 2am to 3am is missing footage. That’s because they pushed forward @ 2am and it immediately became 3am (for my time zone anyway). The timeline can’t delete a block so it just shows it as unrecorded time even though that hour never existed.

Even my new smart gas range updated itself correctly :rofl: :rofl:

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what is the use case for a smart gas range? put water on the stove, and at 7 AM boil water for you? Put casserole in at noon, and tell it to preheat at 5 and shut off at 6:15 PM or something? Thanks

I didn’t purchase it for the SMART, I purchased it because my Wife wanted a new gas range. I would have preferred and old wood stove. Anyway it has all kind of bells and whistles with a menu of settings larger than a Chinese Restaurant. I turned on the Wi-Fi to see what I could do. If you set it for remote access you can start the oven and use all the controls from your phone/device from any place, you can not light the cook top burners via Wi-Fi. I found out what I could do then turned off the Wi-Fi.
98 % of my own cooking is done on my Weber Gas grill out on the deck.


That is the most manly thing I’ve heard in a while :blush:

Just thinking of the use cases for wifi-enabled stove. Nope, can’t think of one other than perhaps seeing current oven temp, alerting you when cook time ends in oven, push notification when the preheating is done…that’s about it.

One of our stoves is LPG, the two others are propane (in developing countries) and the thought of someone hacking that and starting the range could blow up the whole house or something.

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