Time Lapse Videos are Black

Hi. I’ve been making time lapse videos of my kitchen remodel. However, every few videos I try to download to the phone are black after downloading the data.

Setting: Time Lapse, 3 sec, runs for 10 hours, makes a 900mb video. I click the icon of the video, it downloads the video from the card over wifi to the phone. Usually it just starts playing the video but I keep getting blank / black ones.

Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.

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Hello @daviegeepers, what kind of microSD card are you using inside of the camera?

Hi. I have a 32gig Kingston .

Have you tried reformating the card to the camera in the advance settings?

I reformatted the card. It’s not every video. I could have 3 “good” videos and 2 “failed” videos on the same card.

Sounds like the card may be corrupting the files. Is the Kingston card a class 10 or class 4?

It has the 10 on it. I have another one, I can try that instead.

That would be a good test, try the other card and see if the issue is reproduced.