Time lapse feature request - download icon image

Where does one request small changes?
When I download my larger time lapse files the image showing the download progress looks like a picture of a white sofa and a coffee table. The numbers are very difficult to see against this background.


Search #roadmap to see if what you’re requesting is already in that category. I believe it has been requested there.

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Well I’d it’s been requested it hasn’t been delivered yet.

Before and as a time lapse video is downloaded, your app uses a default image as the thumbnail (this gets replaced with a thumbnail of the time lapse content once the download is complete).

BUT while it’s downloading, the default image has the download progress overlayed onto it, and is nearly impossible to read due to the front choice being white, and thumbnail image being nearly white. Screenshot at https://photos.app.goo.gl/Lo2G8amLLPfXMZJ58

I propose using a contrasting font and default image, so we can actually read and decipher the download progress

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