Time lapse fail, didn't record last 2 days, lost next schedule

I’m attempting to do a complete year time lapse, because why not? I’m using a cam v3 with current firmware. Started my recording (1 minute intervals) at midnight, January 1. Was scheduled to end 11:58AM 1/28. I watched the time lapse “button” and it did, indeed, end at 11:58. However, upon downloading the video, the recording actually ended on 1/26. What gives?

I subsequently set the next recording, same essential parameters. Hit all the required buttons, got confirmation of the recording (set to end 2/26 11:58AM). Just checked it, no recording scheduled.

Pretty frustrating, because I have to wait another 11 months ( ! ) before starting again. And the last 2 days missing from the recording had a lovely snow storm! Boo!

For info, 32GB Samsung class 10, U3 card (plenty fast, bullet proof), 29.79 GB free space.

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