Time for centralized local storage

The latest outage has been very disappointing.

Maybe it’s time for Wyze to give their customers what we really want. A local centralized camera video storage solution with no reliance on the internet or Cloud storage. Charge what you want for such a box. This could have the AI processing power, user expandable storage, etc.

Just localize it already.

I know, I’m a dreamer.


Amcrest…NVR and cameras.


Ya, it would be a shame to purge all of my invested Wyze products, but sadly it may come to that at some point.

No need to purge. I’ve been buying a little at a time. I’ve got an older NVR and 9 cameras. Two of the new ones have AI built-in. The cameras and NVR both have the ability to email alerts or trigger an alarm via contacts built into them.

Planning to replace the NVR with the newer AI version eventually. I’ve got other things requiring my cash at the moment.