Tilt/Pan/tracking question

Hi there,

I just found out about the new cam. Very good!

I have a question and I am just gonna make up a scenario.

Let’s say I originally set up my camera to point at my window because I am afraid somebody is gonna break in thru it. But then my dog goes in my bedroom and the camera starts following him because of the motion feature and the new pan/tilt option… then my dog gets out of my room (thru the main door obviously) which happens to be across from the window. Now my camera is facing my door instead of my window.

My question is: Do I have to manually move my camera to wherever I want it to be pointing at every time it moves when it detects motion and starts tracking something? or it automatically returns to its original spot after a while?

Thanks for the question!

Motion Tracking + zone motion detection - Motion in zone will trigger tracking, after camera moves change to full screen, then go back to detection position after 15s of inactivity

In this scenario you would set the detection zone to your window. The camera would see the pup, follow it, and once it was off screen, 15 seconds later it would reset to looking at the window.

Let me know if there is anything else I can answer for you!

Great question and great answer! I’m glad to hear it will return back to the original position. I hadn’t thought of that scenario yet but I’m glad it sounds like the creators thought it through