Tier Subscription Enhanced Services

$From a business standpoint I believe your company is missing a huge opportunity.
I have read through your Community post and come to the conclusion you are missing what many people want.
I would start by having two tiers.
First tier, The Basics as what you have now and the updates.
Second tier, a paid subscription for users like me and may others who want the following.

  1. Ability to select “trigger response, quite time” or what ever words you want to call it. ( 5s, 10s, 15s, 30s,1m, 2m – 10M)
  2. Storage, increase either by days or size but should have at least a year storage and the ability to download for permitted storage.
  3. Ability to turn on a insect detect routine. This shouldn’t be to hard given the speed of which they fly and the fact that they fly mostly at night.Perhaps a sensitive control might help some users to, and I haven’t programed in over 40 years!
  4. Ability to select record time and or snap shots. Some limits would be needed I believe.
  5. Electronic zoom.
  6. Possible cache storage when not connected to WiFi that would send to cloud when WiFi reconnected with notification.
  7. Mashed network ability.
  8. 4K resolution ( good enough to read license plate at 50-75 ft)

I am sure others will have added features that would be useful.
This subscription should be kept to as low as possible and be a yearly payment along with notifications of subscription status. Look at LaCrosse handle this as an example. I think they charge to much though.
I believe this could move Wyse to a hole new level. Vaughn