Thumbnails on homepage have to load each time, wait

Since the last update, the home screen thumbnails on the pan cams have been terrible. They don’t load the last screen still immediately. Rather, it’s blank and then has to take about 1-2 seconds to load. In that time, I can’t tap on camera to view it. It isn’t a problem for my non-pan cameras.

It’s so annoying, as I am a visual person. I have always used the video stills to recognize each camera and which one I want to look at, the names are ignored.

And each time you go back to home to view another camera, it does it again. I was completely okay with the way it worked before, why’d they mess with it?

All these years this is the first time thumbnails are causing issue. Is anyone else experiencing this?

it’s a new feature…that lag is from the app updating the thumbnail from either last live view or event, whichever is newest. I like it, much better than a super old thumbnail, but the lag is kinda annoying…I’ve just learned to wait a sec b4 pressing a cam