Thumbnail not showing up

I have several cameras. I have one that is not showing the thumbnail under events. It used to. All the rest do.

I honestly believe there is a bug in the App.
Occasionally, I’ll unlock the phone and see a notification without the thumbnail.
Sometimes, I’ll unlock the phone and the thumbnail will be there.
Sometimes, it will suddenly appear if the screen is kept open.
Sometimes, it takes 15 seconds for the thumbnail to appear.

I don’t really have a solution other you might try clearing out the Wyze App’s cache.
Or even completely deleting it and then re-installing the App.

It is weird that only one camera is not sending the thumbnail.

make sure you are sending logs in. there have been a couple issues with the release and the devs needs the logs to find the common issue.

Completely random for me as well. Sometimes thumbnails will show, sometimes it doesn’t.

Can’t send a log since whenever I hit Submit, the app would crash. Tried on two different devices.

Seems to be okay now.

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I’m having the same issue too, I have 9 cameras and never have had an issue, about two hours ago I was getting thumbnails with no image and the videos will not play, The thumbnails and videos do eventually populate after several minutes. Restarted router cleared cash and files on app are logged back in, issues still persist. I’m on a galaxy s-10 with most recent version of the app.

Just an update all cameras are showing the same issue. I also restarted all the cameras and issue still persists.

it was an issue on the Wyze side. it should be working now.

and from Wyze saying its fixed

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