Three wire thermostat

Is there any chance that you will have a 3 wire friendly thermostat in the future? I have only three wires running from my furnace. It is a a simple heat/fan only system. No-AC. I am using an Eco Nest and it works fine but it also means yet-another-app to control stuff in my house. I could run more wire from my furnace but that’s not as easy as installing the Eco Nest which works.

I purchased the Wyze Thermostat based on satisfaction with the other products. Once I discovered I couldn’t use it, I tried to convince myself to run the wire. But that probably isn’t going to happen based on the unit sitting on a shelf for over a year now. I would love to hear of the Eco Nest equivalent i.e. has a battery in it that vampires power in down time. Any chance?

With 3 wires, and a heat/fan only system, as long as you don’t need to control the fan separately from the heat, you can use the wyze.