This thing is annoying

Does wyze even use their website?
If yes, does wyze have a special adblock to block it?

Good feedback. It is kind of an add since it’s a chat section dedicated to explaining the products and related to the shopping section. I was wondering if there was any way to move that little floating search icon or close it or tell it to hide. There was no way to do any of those things and I agree that there should be, particularly on mobile where it is forced to overlap the live stream. Even if I want to actually use it, I can’t move the chatbox at all. Look at all the wasted space on the right and left side in a desktop browser, and it forces the chat box to open over the top of the live stream. Why not allow me to move it to the right or left side so I can still watch the live stream while I ask about stuff?

Hopefully they can make some improvements to these things. Thanks for pointing it out.

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