Third party access/Adding people to app?

Question for users. I purchased three cameras and have them set up. If I add third party access to the account to allow them viewing privileges, do I also have the ability to turn on/off their access when needed?

That’s a negative, You would have to revoke there access every time you did not want them having access then add them again by sending the email to them

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Thank you, I appreciate the response. That is unfortunate and a negative for the Wyze camera system.

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I agree it would be nice as the owner to be able to have a toggle button to control access

Yep, and I had initially believed that programming / db / cloud / aws was Wyze’s in wheelhouse, but I realized rather quickly that even if the founders came from aws/Amazon that they apparently didn’t understand even costs/logistics of aws/azure/etc…

What? Less either/or please.