Think I’m returning the Cam Pan

was s impressed with the V2 cam that I purchase two cam pan cameras. Using it is so frustrating with the overshooting. Also it keeps returning to a position that’s either facing a wall, or behind, where the power cord goes in. I have it aimed at door 1, set as waypoint 1, with waypoint 2 Aimee at another door, almost like an arc rather than a hard pan to left and right. This is thing is all over the place.


Please convince me this cam cam pan is worth it or that I’m doing something wrong. If not, I’m returning it this week and just keeping the v2 cam.

Turn BOTH “Motion Tracking” and “Pan Scan” on. Then turn them off. Then the Cam Pan will stop returning to home position and you can pan it to any position and it will stay there. I have 2 V2 and 10+ V2 and 2 Cam Pan. I don’t like my Cam Pan but I didn’t return them. The 2-way audio is better than V2.

But don’t I want motion tracking on? To follow the target until there’s no more motion?

I don’t need motion tracking and I think it is a gimmick. I tried it a bit and it didn’t work well at all. I have multiple indoor cats, unlike that single very cute puppy in the video, and motion tracking just cannot handle my situation.

Apart from other things, e.g. price etc, the thing I like most with V1/V2/Cam Pan is I don’t need to reserve IP address and open/forward ports in viewing them using tinycam pro. I have to do that for every single foscam cams I have for remote viewing. I have a excel spreadsheet to document all the cam MAC #, IP addresses & port # . And Wyze cams work like a magic in tinycam pro. Only login and password need to be correct, then select channel #.

Since I only bought 2 Cam Pan, I don’t want to waste shipping to return them unless they agree the cams are defective. Based on all the feedback in the forum I think it is a “feature” and I hope Wzye will and can improve Cam Pan in the near future. And I want to support this startup and hope they will do well.

So far I have installed 9 V2, 2 Cam Pan and keep using only 1 Foscam C1, retiring many other Foscam cams. I will put more V2 before windows if they add the feature to turn off IR LEDs in night mode. They are working on this but don’t have a ETA date yet.

V2 cams burn little power and it is eco-friendly which is a plus :slight_smile:


Yeah the cameras are very promising ans setup was a breeze and I’m more than pleased with the V2 Cam. I guess it’s disappointment because the Cam Pan is just so frustrating. A few minutes ago it detected motion against the wall, light from a TV, then just stayed there. ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️