They were not looking for me

Police or sheriff looking for someone in my condo development.

Sure. You SAY they weren’t, but… Wyze is a good early warning system.

Looks like a Parole officer

I like the shades. Super dark.

inmost states is he were parole he wouldn’t have the Police tag on as parole works through the DOC in most. office casual dress unless looking for an absconder in which case there would be many more and you would be more than likely right where you know them to be :wink:

All I know is that I’ve seen my state parole officers sometimes doing home visits to guys around the neighborhood on parole (I even know some guys on parole) and the parole officers looked EXACTLY like this guy, vest that says police, badge at the waste, sunglasses… Even the dress code looks identical.

I don’t know enough about the division differences.

Add to that the fact that he’s prowling around an apartment complex and it screams parole officer to me, though I think most of the time they do such home visits in pairs… Though I have seen them single before.

The last time I got pulled over for an expired registration in 2020 (got a fix-it ticket), there were 2 cops traveling together, 1 was local PD and the other was a parole officer. I thought it was weird they were working together and they told me they actually do these partner trades fairly regularly. I still think it was really weird, but what do I know about any of it. Maybe they’re used to pull-overs involving supervisees frequently (my city has one of the 2 main halfway houses for the state here). All I know is they were working together and looked very similar too.

Also seen some detectives dress just like this too.

Still, having a single prowling LEO like this is outside the norm. Funny he smiled right at the camera though.

Cameras at a house around here are a good sign the residents aren’t on probation/parole though because they’re not allowed to have them, not even a video doorbell or they go back to prison… Kind of a weird rule, but I guess they don’t want their parolees being warned in advance that their PO is there.