Thermostat won't power on

I have a Taco ZVC404-4 controller that was installed last year connected to my boiler for heat in 3 zones. Zone 1 upstairs heat, Zone 2 downstairs heat and Zone 4 (priority) for sidearm hot water heater. I’m in Alaska so no cooking needed.

The current Tstats are wired R & W only with the C on the Taco not used. I setup the Wyze to test out and I have connected it to my upstairs Zone 1. The Blue and Green wires running to the Tstats are not connected so I connected the Blue to the C on the Taco controller for Zone 1. I then wired everything to the thermostat as instructed: in the Wyze app, R to Rc, W to W1, and C to C. When I connect the Wyze thermostat it doesn’t power up at all. When I connect the old honeywell Tstat everything works (battery powered) and triggers the zone controls as expected.

Am I missing something?What are some troubleshooting steps I should be trying to eliminate any possible issues before I declared the new Wyze Tstat “dead on arrival”?

I can post pictures here over I figure out how to do so

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Welcome back @majortomm!
It sounds like everything is wired up properly. Could you upload some pictures of your control board and thermostat?
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Thank you @Brlepage for the instructions on asking images! I have attached a pic of the control board and the Wyze Tstat wiring below.


Using a multimeter set to AC volts, test between R and C to make sure you have at least 25 V

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