Thermostat won’t set up


I just set up my new mesh wifi system
TP-Link Deco Whole Home Mesh WiFi System (2 Pack) (Renewed)

I set up the SSID and password the same as before . Yet they didn’t connect automatically… so now I’m going to have to set up all of my wyze devices from the beginning and set them all up again

Trying to set up the thermostat I get this pop up

Bluetooth is on and I’m in range of the device . Yet it can’t find it … any help here please !!

In theory, if you set up the SSID and password exactly the same as before (same case, etc), the devices should connect. The most they should require is a power-cycle.

On your current problem, you may want to try a power-cycle first, which should also fix the Bluetooth issue you seem to be having. Just pull the thermostat from the mount, then carefully plug it back in. See if it connects before trying to re-add it, and don’t delete it from the device list.

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It should , but it’s not

I’ve done this countless of times already , i even flipped the breaker as well and still nada ! I already went ahead and deleted the device from my app . I messed up ugh

I was able to set up the thermostat !

In the t-stat settings I had to reset the device manually through the display and after resetting it , i was able to connect to it immediately.

Interesting. A power cycle should have also accomplished that. Great to hear it’s working!

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That’s what was a bit strange. I did power cycle it but it just didn’t connect to my phone

After resetting it manually through the display it fixed it immediately

Ah. I misunderstood, my bad. When you said you were able to connect to it immediately, I thought it simply came online. But yes, you would have to reset it to put it in Bluetooth discovery mode.