Thermostat wiring help - Electric Forced Air

I have two thermostats. The first one I connected, if defaulted to reversing the heat and cool, i had to turn that off to get heat and cool to work properly. The second thermostat, I did the exact same and kept getting an error of some sorts, can’t remember exactly, during the setup. Eventually bypassed some step in the app and all seems sorta fine. I say sorta fine, because Cool works and Heat works. What I think isn’t working is normal heat. During the test is says you should feel warm air, I think i am just feeling air, no warmth at all. The second stage I can definitely tell there is heat. So, no my utility bill is about $100 more than is usually is, but I wasn’t sure as we went through some cold spells. Anything jump out as need correcting in the wiring?

It might be too cold out for your heat pump to extract heat from the outside air, if you’re not getting heat from the heat pump stage. You could try disconnecting W1 temporarily and then run heat and see if it ever heats up - this will run the heat pump only, without the backup resistive heat running at all.