Thermostat turns on heat too often

The thermostat turns on the heat like every 5-10 minutes. It’s not mounted next to an air vent or anything, just in the middle of dinning room, same location as the old thermostat. Seems like the temp on unit spike up and down too fast. I know the room temp doesn’t fluctuate that fast. Like the unit is trying to adjust the air temp too quick. The unit says room temp is 67, then the heat comes and 10 seconds later the unit say room temp is 70. Then the heat shuts off a minute later and it says room temp is 67. Need a way to adjust the margin of temp correction. The old thermostat would only kick on like once an hour, with similar outside temp.

I have forced air oil heat.

Sounds defective. Only other thought … is it possible a air vent is in cavity of wall? Old thermostat maybe have better barrier to ambient heat inside wall. Just an idea.

vents are not in the wall. they are sheet metal vents.

Do you have a 2 story house? Often the sheet metal run thru the walls to second story…it was an idea

I just installed mine and I watched it go from 68 to 71 as the current temp. Then I walked back and it was 67. The old thermostat on the table says 70.

I updated the firmware today. I hope that is not part of it. I have it off for now. Cycling my furnace on and off too much.

I updated the firmware during the initial setup.