Thermostat temperatures are wrong

T-stat is in sleep mode , it’s set to cool to 73° . Why is the temperature reading 71° and cooling to 73°?

I haven’t manually set it to 73°, it’s on a schedule .

Here are my schedules and temperature preferences.

Edit : it has stopped cooling , now it’s reading 70°. Off behavior , maybe I need to change the temperature correction

What is your Temp Differential and do you have any Remote Sensors operating?

Differential temperature is 2°

And no sensors

This is a weird one because the differential temperature is at 2° then wouldn’t the t-stat temperature reading be 75° and cooling at 73°?

My understanding was that a 2° differential was 2° above to start and 2° below to stop or a total 4° delta. Since you have it at Below 73°, it would cool to below 71° … = 70°

But, I am not 100% positive on this and will need to confirm it.

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That is my understanding as well. They don’t show Decimals, so 70.5 may equate to 71.

Basically, I understand that if you have a 2 degree DT, the AC will kick on around 75 and then cool to around 71. The expectation is that the AC will run less thus eliminating the Short Cycling issue.

I would try this to verify, set your settings similar to mine:

  • DT is .5
  • Behavior is Better Comfort

Mine stays within my 72 degree setting. I also have sensors which adds to my complexity when figuring out the Temp. But see if it stays around 73

Note: It is ok if the system runs for a while. You just don’t want the Short Cycling issues.

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Any reason as to why the thermostat temperature is lower than the set temperature?

Provide a screen shot if you can. Remember, the TD will allow this type of thing to occur.

Have you changed your settings similar to mine to see what happens?

First off , good morning spam

The photos are in my post . Notice how the t-stat is reading 71° but the temperature was set to 73° . My TD was set to 2° and my behavior was at better comfort so I think that may be the cause because when I had mine set to max savings it didn’t go lower than the temperature I had it set to

Not yet , about to but before I do . What am I looking for again ? Thanks for help again