Thermostat Temperature Read Getting Stuck

I’ve notice lately that the current temperature reading in the room, seems to be getting stuck on an inaccurate temperature, causing it not to trigger. For example, I have AC set to 70 degrees. I notice it feels a little warm, and the AC is not running. I open the app to check and the temperature says it’s either 69 or 70 currently, but then I change the temp to trigger the AC and then all of a sudden the current temperature jumps up to 72 degrees. It’s almost like it needs the app to be opened and clicked on thermostat to push it to check the temperature. Didn’t used to have this problem.

I’ve got the same issue going on. Seems to stick at 68 degrees even though it 72 or warmer. Then it will get stuck on 72 and keep the air running even though it 68 or 67. Just started in the last week or 2