Thermostat temperature range

How low can you set the thermostat thermostat while in heat mode? This is important for a second home in a cold climate when you want to save energy while it is unoccupied. My preference would be 40 degrees. Any higher will waste a lot of energy.


Looks like 50 is the lowest

That’s a bummer. I think Wyse is going to loose a lot of potential sales.


I’m with you. My current thermostat goes to 45, but I’d prefer 40. Maybe a software update can expand the range.

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I installed my thermostat at my cabin today. While the lowest setting is 50 degrees, there is a safety temperature under the advanced settings that can be set from 35-50 degrees. It states that it will maintain the safety temperature even when the thermostat is off. I’ll see how it works when we head home in a few days.


That could work. If you try it please let us know. I assume you could still monitor the temp remotely with the app and turn the heat back on if the temperature dropped below your safety setting. Not that you would want to monitor it all the time, but just as a test. Perhaps there is also an alarm feature in the app where you could have it email or text you if the room temp dropped below your alarm setting. That would be helpful as long as you could set the alarm down as low as 35 degrees.

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Have you tested the “turned off minimum” yet? I am in the same situation and have held off installing the thermostat at my cabin. I currently have a smart Honeywell and it goes down to 40.

There’s a feature request in to request a lower software limit, Vote for it if you want this feature.

I submitted a ticket with customer service since the Safety Temp does not send a notification and seems to default to the last setting. My work around for now it to go to Settings>Advanced>Temperature Correction and entering 10 degrees, which makes it actually set to 40 when it shows 50.
Hopefully they’ll fix the issue soon, but this works for now.

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I can say it does work. The issue is that once it reaches 35 it warms to 50 and then maintains 50 as if the tstat was on. So it’s only good for the initial time, then it continues to waste energy keeping it at 50.

Sounds like the safety feature is just that and can’t be used for controlling temp on a regular basis.

I installed two of these Wyse thermostats last September, one in a second home and the other in a detached garage/shop and both in very cold climates. Both have worked well this winter. As DaveG reported, I have the Correction set at +10, and mentally subtract 10 from whatever the t-stat says to get the correct reading. Not ideal, but it works ok for me and I’m ok with 40 degrees as the actual setpoint. When we visit the second home, I change the correction factor back to zero, so the wife is happy.

Please please if you’re listening Wyse, don’t take away the +10 correction factor in a future update. At least not unless you lower the minimum setpoint by 10 degrees, to 40 like it should have been in the first place.

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I have a similar situation with a lake cabin, where I would like to have a 40° heat setpoint during some winter months. Can the Wyze Thermostat firmware be changed to allow for a low temperature setpoint of 40° instead of 50°? This seems like such a simple request.

Well its been over 2 years since the first post pertaining to the simple request to lower the setpoint temperature in order to prevent many houses from freezing when not occupied and not wasting energy unnecessarily (minimum 50F) which is what this company bases its reputation on. Please address this as a priority. In the meantime, at least the temperature offset is a workable hack…

Can someone get this to Gwyneth or whoever monitors their social media? I don’t want to do a workaround hack mine’s still in the box from 2 years ago. I also have a garage door opener in the box because apparently they open when they want to for [fun]. I also have a home monitoring kit in the box. That one simply because my OG door sensor batteries have never run out which apparently breaks them. It’s kind of funny how I keep buying their stuff even though there’s a pretty good chance it won’t work that one time you really needed it. Oddly enough I still like their stuff.

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You guys should be commenting on and voting for this option at the link below. :slight_smile:

I’d like to say from personal experience that dropping too cold can create two issues: Drywall under any stress can crack, and isolated pipes (like under a cabinet) can freeze if it gets too cold in the house. Because you set something to 35°F does not mean that it is 35° everywhere. :wink:

That said, I do understand your desire to have better options available!

Good luck. :slight_smile:

Hi Newshound,

What would be very helpful is for the team at Wyze to confirm if this is a software or hardware limitation. It is quite possible that the temperature sensor being used is not capable of measuring temperatures at that lower level. If that’s the case, sure. Then we can put this to bed and move on. If not, it would be interesting to hear from the developers or product owner for the thermostat what the rational is for the limitation. This will help the user community understand if there is a mismatch of the gathered requirements for the feature and regional user personas. For example, in the upper Midwest, we usually don’t heat our garages. But, those of us who do, will keep it just above freezing to help our vehicles run more efficiently at start up. We generally keep the temperature in the lower 40’s as it balances energy consumption and the benefit of being above freezing.

A feature called “Garage Mode” would clearly differentiate between primary heat control and these accessory uses reducing the likelihood of misconfiguration by a user.

I have been periodically comparing the Temperature in my cabin to the temperature reading on the Thermostat and my Thermostat appears to read correctly down into the low 30’s. That is only how far down I have checked it to date.

You are correct. The temp inside a wall can be 10-25 degrees or lower than the interior house. I have an attic eave with pipes in it (:roll_eyes::flushed:) that struggled to stay above freezing. Ive since fixed the problem with air sealing, additional insulation and heat tape. In the 2016 cold snap my kitchen and dining room flooded out from those pipes up there with the temp in the house at 72.

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