Thermostat sharing

Primarily using the android app for managing Wyze.
Installed 2 T-stats.
Sharing with user on iPad.
Already have cams shared.
Thermostat shows on my phone share has been accepted, but it never shows on the iPad [shared user].
Have closed iPad app.
Signed out/in.
Refresh, still no T-stat showing.

I have had the same problem. I shared my thermostat with multiple people and they accepted but the device never showed up on their phones. So it seems only one person can have access to the thermostat. I really hope that they fix this. I was at work yesterday and my wife wanted to change the temperature, so unfortunately she had to get up instead of just using her phone.

I can see how it could start a temperature fight for those that have access, but at the very least, I’d expect the device to show up on the shared account and maybe be greyed out.