Thermostat Rule: Auto Switch based on Location distance adjustment

So, I have “Auto Switch” feature activated, which sets my Thermostat to Home/Away based on the location of my phone. This works, but I would like to increase the distance to trigger the Auto switch further away from my home. Is there a way to adjust the distance (in ft) of where the location will trigger Home/Away? Similar to my ability to change the distance in feet when using Rules by location. I don’t see this setting in the app.

I was thinking if I am not able to modify the distance, then I would move the pin on the map to a location that is further away from my house to get a similar effect. But I could not move it too much or the Auto Switch may not detect I’m home if am traveling home from the opposite direction I cheat the location pin.

You can set the distance further out using Location Trigger Rules.

If Exit/Enter area, Set to Tstat to Home/Away.

If you pinch down or Zoom in on the map, you can expand the radius to your liking.

I believe by default the Auto Switch rule is using the default radius of 1320ft.