Thermostat Review-2 zone forced air

I purchased (2) thermostats for a single forced air gas/AC system with 2 zones. After working through some old zoning equipment issues and making some upgrades, the thermostat install was easy and they are working reasonably well in my application. All the things I’m finding so far would seem to be fixable through software. Here’s my list:

  1. There does not seem to be better temperature control between balance and better comfort modes. Both appear to be +/-1 degree or more. Would prefer user control of band around setpoint in tenths of degree down to +/- 0.5 degree.
  2. Have option for furnace control of fan turning on when heating. Fan turns on as soon as thermostat calls for heat.
  3. Add options for schedules in heating and cooling modes as well as Auto.
  4. App display turns red when 1 degree below setpoint but furnace isn’t running yet. Thermostat display is not red at this point. Once temperature falls further, thermostat triggers furnace on and turns it’s display red. The app seems to turn display red when it’s 1 degree below setpoint before the call for heat is made.
  5. Don’t see a way to update or delete filter settings once filter is created. It also doesn’t seem to be calculating correctly as after 2 weeks I only show 3% used and I have it set for 1 month.
  6. Improve intelligence at schedule changes; i.e. thermostat will call for heat 2 minutes before setpoint drops just to turn back off when the schedule changes.
  7. Changes in the app sometimes don’t seem to apply or are really slow to update. You can go back and look and the setting or mode hasn’t changed but check back later and it eventually updates.
  8. It’s not clear if it’s learning expected run times or not, it woul be nice to have more technical information on if there is any learning with this system or not.

Overall for an initial release I would give it 7/10. I’m hopeful that upcoming releases will improve the device, the hardware seems to be decent thus far.