Thermostat pilot not stay lit

My Thermostat is triggering the pilot and its lighting but then goes out. I have double checked the wiring and nothing is loose. what could cause this issue and how can i resolve it?

This should not be caused by the thermostat as far as I can tell. Maybe someone will correct me. There may be some lights on your control board that may help you get error codes for your furnace. Mine has done that in the past and it took cleaning the flame sensor to fix it.


If replacing the original thermostat fixes it than it might be an undersized furnace transformer, where the load from the wyze is preventing the gas valve from pulling in all the way. The only real solution in this case is to use a separate thermostat transformer on the Rc and C terminals (which results in only heating working on the Rh and W1 terminals- cooling will not work with a separate transformer) or to upgrade the furnace’s main 24V transformer to a higher VA model.