Thermostat offline

I went out of state for this weekend and on my second night my t-stat is appearing as offline .

Last week when this happened , all I did was restart the device in the settings and that got it back online .

I did that twice , and it didn’t get it online .

I went and restarted my wifi router through the xfinity app and that didn’t get it back online either

So I’m left with no other ways to get it back online , I would like to have it online so when I’m coming back home my t-stat which is on auto switch can kick on the ac to cool my house down before I arrive.

Any help and suggestions thanks

All my Wyze devices (cameras & thermostat) are connected to AC via a Wyze plug. When my thermostat goes offline I turn off the plug for about 15 seconds and then turn it back on. The thermostat comes back online within a minute or two. Also, I replaced the cheap router from my upstate ny cable company with my own moderately priced unit. Since then all devices including the thermostat have been much more reliable.

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PS: Should clarify that my thermostat required a 24v transformer to provide power. It’s this transformer that’s controled by a Wyze plug.

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