Thermostat notifications

I have been using the thermostat for the last few weeks and I am enjoying it . I would like to see a few things integrated to make it really neat

Notifications for when the T-stat goes into Home , away , and sleep mode .

We kind of already have this feature , IF you have auto switch enabled which is basically geofencing and that’s basically where the wyze app will track your phone and if it notices you’re 3 miles away/from leaving/going home then it’ll tell the t-stay to set the temperature to you’re pre set temperature for HOME mode and the same thing for Away when it senses you’re away it’ll go into Away mode .

I liked this feature but I’m in and out of my home a lot and my family is home so I prefer not to have that enabled

But i don’t want to turn on geo fencing .

I would like to have notifications for when the T-stat goes into HOME, AWAY, and SLEEP mode . I have a schedule set up for the week and it follows it nicely but for peace of mind I would like a notification for when it goes into a mode .

Something like “T-stat is in home mode .”

And also a notification for when the t-stat turns on the hvac system and is cooling or heating and has the desired temperature included in the notification.

Something like “T-stat : Auto, cooling to 73° in 1 hour 15 minutes” and also when the desired temperature is met

Just an idea , anyone else ?

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This does make sense. The only notifications we have right now are “A safety temp has been reached” and “There are insights to save energy”

It would be nice to have some more options. In addition to the ideas listed by SteepNexus, people should list their own notification ideas of things they would find helpful. It will help Wyze to see the benefit so they know what all to consider.

Even getting a notification when the Heat or AC turns on or off could be helpful sometimes. I might not run those all of the time, but there are times when I want it brought to my attention.

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Thank you

I think it can be very helpful and beneficial.

Their can be a notification for when it goes into home , away , and sleep mode

One for when it just turns on by the dial manually , so you can be notified if it has been used by others

A notification for when the t-starts cooling or heating

A notification that’ll include the temperature it’s reading and when it starts cooling , it’ll notify you with the temperature it’s reading , hvac mode , the temperature it’s cooling down to , and the included time for when the set temperature will be met .

Also one for when temperature reaches your desired temperature

I am someone who likes to know what’s going on in my house , especially this thermostat as for noe you either have to open the wyze app , open the t-stat page , or walk up to the t-stat and read the display

This can be helpful for when you’re too busy to check or when you’re just not feeling like checking and doing all the clicking

Would love for wyze to implement this

@WyzeJasonJ can we get an update on this matter ?

Has wyze reviewed this and is it likely to be implemented. Would love for this to be added onto the thermostat , thank you

Wyze has not reviewed this yet, you can usually tell if they have by either a ‘probably-not’, ‘maybe-later’. or ‘researching’ tag attached to it. I have been working on getting things reviewed and tagged as quickly as I can.


No problem , I was just following up to seeing if Wyze had reviewed it . Because I believe it will be a great feature for the T-stat that many fellow T-stat users would love

I do not see any tag to it , will be on the lookout . Let’s hope Wyze is able to review it and give us an answer

If you could also , when Wyze reviews it and slaps a tag on it . Could you reply to this so I can know the answer from Wyze ?

Thank you for the reply . Have a good evening Jason


Done . Thank you !

Any update ?

I could have sworn that when I first got my T-stat, it did something like you’re requesting. I’d leave home and a message would pop up on my iPhone and on my Apple Watch saying something like ”Thermostat is set to Away”.When I’d get near home again, I’d get a message “Thermostat is in Home mode”.

That worked for a couple of weeks, but then we had a power outage in my neighborhood, and that behavior stopped. I had to power down my HVAC to get the stat working again. That’s a pretty heavy-handed technique (read: PITA!), but I’ll save that for a different thread.

I called support, who had me cycle the HVAC (again), then cycle Wi-Fi on my iPhone (13), then cycle Bluetooth, none of which helped.

His last suggestion was to restore the T-stat to factory defaults, but I couldn’t figure out how. I’m 99% computer savvy, so that should have been easy, but it got the best of me.

Again, those are pretty radical solutions just to get the stat working normally again. Why not have just a reset button of some sort instead of having to power cycle things when there’s a power glitch? SMH.

It sounds like the notification that you were getting was because of Geo fencing , in the thermostat device settings this is known as “auto switch”

It’ll notify you when you’re leaving your house and it’ll set your thermostat to away, and when you’re arriving it’ll set your thermostat to home and notify you each time for entries and exits.

You can fin this feature by clicking on the device , top right gear icon, and auto switch.

What my request would be for , would be to get notified of every time the thermostat is set to home , away, sleep, and include the time it’ll take for when the thermostat reaches the desired temperature it’s been set to. Kind of like a way to keep an eye on the device and to know what your HVAC machine is doing or if someone is manually setting the device to do something.

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The last time I checked, auto-switch was on. My wi-fi (Apple Airport) is dead. It’s had a long, successful life, but nothing lasts forever. I’ve checked it several times on advice from this forum, but it’s still doing what I reported, even with auto-switch on. When I first installed the stat, it was doing what you were requesting as a feature in your post. Now it’s not. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: The stat works perfectly otherwise.