Thermostat Not Staying at Set Temps

I need help! Critical issue, I need this thermostat to follow the rules of what I set. Coming home and finding my K9s panting because the temp in house is over my set levels is ridiculous. I may have to go back to a non-smart thermostat to have what I want.

I want it to be at 70 in the house when we are home. When gone no higher than 75. Instead we come home and it is 87 in the house. Have to run the system for three plus hours to being temp back down. This is Texas and my dog’s are my concern.

I like it being smart to monitor usage, but even if my bill was $1000 a month I would pay it to keep my dogs comfortable.

This issue needs to be dealt with. Others are complaining from what I read in the forums, I am not alone. By the way this occurs at other times while we are home. It will just drift to a temp it wants when it wants.

It looks like every one of your scheduled time blocks are the exact same temp: Heat up to 65, Cool down to 70.

This makes the schedules pretty useless since there aren’t any changes in the setpoint. You can delete every schedule, set your Preference Temps to 65\70 for Home, Sleep, and Away, and never change the mode from any of those. It will just stay in “Home” 24\7 at 65\70. No reason to introduce a bunch of mode changes when you aren’t changing any temps.

I would change the Fan Activation Delay to “By Furnace”, but that only affects heat cycles. I am also a fan of the Coast to Cool.

Simplify it as much as possible by running only in one mode at that Preferance Temp (schedules must be deleted to do that as they override Preferance Temps) 24\7. If that works, great. If you then want to change Away or Sleep to a different temp, you can change the Preferance Temps for those modes and add schedule blocks to see if that affects the performance.

Those are the default schedules and behaviors. They can not be deleted in my app, thus I have everything set to the same levels, unfortunate every 24 hours they revert to something defined by Wyze causing these issues.

Best then to delete all the schedules and then all that is left is the preference temps you set.

They can be deleted by sliding the schedule to the left then pressing the delete button.