Thermostat Not Compatible Error

I am running the Wyze android app (v2.16.23) and I am getting conflicting messages. When the thermostat was announced I checked compatibility via the website and the website says my system is compatible. I double-checked this today, as well.

Getting ready to install today and the app tells me that my system is not compatible.

It seems I can’t add the screenshots I have, however, They are now added to the comments below.

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!


Wiring selected in app.

Message received in-app after selecting wiring.

Hey Alpha,

Is your system a heat pump (all electric) or conventional heat and ac (combo gas and electric for compressor for a/c) with blower unit?

Looks like there is a confusion on the app side as it looks like either heat pump wires are missing or the “R” is really an “Rh” or an “Rc”

I believe your “R” is an “RC”

But would like to know which type of system you have.

If it’s a conventional system then you can switch your “R” to the “RC” and try the tutorial again.


It is heat by gas and AC by electric. I will try that in the app and see what it says.

There is a jumper from RC to R