Thermostat not accepting commands right away...annoying

It takes me nearly 8 attempts to get any command to actually take on my thermostat. Making things like turning system ON/OFF very annoying. Changing the temperature seems to be even harder. Ill spin the dialed to desired temp, itll act like its recognized the prompt for 2 seconds…then snap back to the temp it was previously…It does this across the board. Ill power cyle everything and it will still occur…Then randomly on the 14th try it’ll actually work. Tough to stomach while commuting, or quickly trying to change while not at home…Any thoughts much appreciated

Hello @mattyh and welcome to the community.

It definitely should not be working like that, have you tried contacting our Support Team?

I had something like that happen to me.

  1. Go to the Wyze app on my phone
  2. Go to my thermostat
  3. Change the temp
  4. Immediately hit the back button to return to the home Wyze screen or home on my phone.
  5. The temperature did not change

I found I have to stop at step 3 for about 10 seconds before my change actually takes affect. After 10 seconds I can exit the screen and the temperature is changed.