Thermostat is real ool

What happened to the C?


I asked an AI what happened to the C, as you asked, and it said:

But I think it is just because of your phone’s resolution or the size of your font settings. I am still seeing it on mine. However, Wyze might be able to do something about this.
What model phone are you using? What resolution? What is your font size? Check your Display size and text settings. Maybe temporarily try to change the font to be smaller and the display size to show everything a little smaller and see if that brings the C back onscreen. If it does, we’ll know that’s the reason. You can then change your settings back to how they were and how you like them and maybe we can then report to Wyze that the resolution changes are affecting this. They may be able to compensate for it in some way. Maybe submit a log too (note a log is not the same as submitting a support ticket and there will not be an official response to a log, but it may help us in letting Wyze know about the bug).

EDIT: Sorry, I thought we were talking about the App GUI for the Tstat, didn’t catch on we were talking about the Tstat display. See below.

That’s on the thermostat :wink:

But my thermostat is showing Cool.

@SirDave try restarting the device from the settings on the WYZE app.


Oh my bad, I thought it was on the app…thanks for correcting me buddy.

Interesting. I wonder what it could be then. Yeah, let us know if a restart helps.


Restarting fixed this odd problem