Thermostat is offline


Just woke up and saw my thermostat is offline , great what a convenience.

What are some trouble shooting steps so I can get my device back online .

If I wanted an unreliable thermostat then I would’ve never gone with the wyze , google nest or ecobee here i come …

Edit : my t-stat was able to get online . Turning off/on the breaker multiple times didn’t do no Justice , taking it off the wall and waiting a few minutes and plugging it back in didn’t bring it back online . After about 10 restarts to the device it was able to get back online

Hey @Rulwiz

Couple things.

First try rebooting the device. This can be done by pulling the unit off the mount for a minute or 2 then reattaching it.

If this does not resolve. You can try rebooting your router.

See troubleshooting guide for an offline device.

If all else fails, would contact Wyze Support