Thermostat installation

I’m trying to install the thermostat and I got all the wires to install but when I turn on the power the thermostat doesn’t turn on and you just hear a loud steady clicking noise. Like the instructions said I removed the jumper wire. Included picture of original layout on old thermostat.

Did you hook the red wire currently connected to RC in the photo to RC on the Wyze or RH? I initially connected my RH wire to RH on the Wyze and it wouldn’t power up until it was connected to RC instead.

Yeah I kept it on Rc.

Do you happen to own a multimeter? Something that can measure AC volts? Without the Wyze Thermostat attached but with your HVAC system on there should be roughly 24 volts AC between the wire which you show going to C and the red R wire. What is throwing me off a bit is the color of the wire going to C in your photo, but that might be fine anyway. Either that C really isn’t a C wire or you are getting low voltage at your thermostat. Its hard to rule these in or out without measuring them. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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It’s probably a wise idea to pull the entire cable bundle out of the wall as far as it will go and re strip the ends so just enough is exposed . You have exposed wire all over the place and your probably shorting out somewhere. Even if that isn’t the issue those wires don’t look good.

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