Thermostat installation issue

I have tried to install and I’m sending back even after I had additional wires installed by an electrician. This is my dilemma. Original equipment has two wires red and white. I had an electrician run an additional two wires for power. I now have four wires and none of the different setups I have tried based on the instructions and videos work. Any idea what I need to do?I am at a loss and want to give it one last shot before I send them back and pitch all of my wise equipment because this just frustrated me to no end and pissed me off. How should the wires be wired? I now have two red and two white. Old red and white were for the old system. New red and white the new red is power coming in the white is power going out. does this even work with this system or did I waste $400 having new wires ran in my walls?

Show pictures of what you have.
Your power should be 24VAC. it should go to Rc and C.
Your old furnace wires should go to Rh and W1.

As an aside, $400 seems excessive to run 2 low voltage wires. Generally, unless your old wiring is stapled down, you just pull a fish tape through by attaching it to the old wires and pulling it from one end, then use the fish tape to pull a new 5 or 6 stranded thermostat cable. It’s nearly always better to give the customer more wires than they think they need, in case they want to add an A/C unit in the future.