Thermostat insights …

What ever happened with figuring out why some have Insights and others do not? I thought it was reported at a Fix it Friday.


It was. Apparently, it was a feature test that went out to a limited number of people with no promises that it would roll out to everyone.


How do we get this feature enabled for the rest of us? Crazy.

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Unfortunately it looks like the insight that you’re looking for isn’t enabled for every user. It seems only a few users get to see the additional insights.

Last I remember, Wyze was working on this but couldn’t guarantee that everyone would see these additional insights.

Tagging @WyzeJasonJ to see if he can offer more information and could give us an update on this…?


Wyze bread and butter is security cams. While they do releases bug fixes on other devices, I’ve yet to see any significant features added to there other devices. I have their sprinkler controller, thermostat and a couple of smart plugs and while I am generally happy, I’m a little disappointed that they haven’t added or improved on the existing functionality because there’s lots of room for improvement on both!

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Are you referring to the thermostat/insights? What could be improved?


Yes the current insights implementation is not much use. Adding things like a daily plot of ambient temp to run time, total run time per day (not just a vague bar and cumulative average), time on stage 1 vs stage 2, local outside temp, so many useful data points could be added (just look at what some of the competion includes!). Also include the ability to schedule the fan! Also fix the glitches in celcius such as the thermostat often reading 0.5C different than the app (I assume this is because all the calcs are done if F and then coverted to C?) Anyway could go on and on and if you read the features that get voted up for the thermostat in the form it’s all been said before, requested many times, but never seems to get any attention.

Smart plug insights could be similarly improved with a bit of thought. And in general, the UI of the app is often confusing, with main functionality (eg scheduling) burried in settings sub-sub menus, tiny gray text (I’m guessing the app is designed for andriod and ported to iPhone?).

I do see alignment between the daily use in thermostat and what is shown for smart plug energy usage, they could both benefit from additional insights/better granularity. For my specific use case I am just trying to align on/off per min/hour with other metrics I have (like dust ppm). Not even saying they need to be exported, just need visibility.

Thanks for the clarification. Your previous post was vague with what you were referring to as you didn’t mention Insights anywhere in the body. Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t a miss-post. Thanks again! :slight_smile: