Thermostat insights …

I am soooooo jealous!

I also do not get insights. Will the insights tell you exactly what changes the Behaviors setting is making?

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The screenshots above are the only things I’ve ever seen related to insights with one exception:

Once, a long time ago, I got a notification that they had new insights for me. I clicked on that notification and don’t remember anything more. I assume it just took me to those screenshots. I didn’t spend much time with it back then and totally forgot all about it until spamoni4 told me a screenshot I posted had something he didn’t. :man_shrugging: Other than that notification I got one long ago, the screenshots show you basically everything I can see and know about this. I’m glad Jason is looking into it. We should get more information eventually. It would be nice to know how to get it to activate. I honestly have no idea how I got it to turn on.


Hey carver , how you doing

Been some time now , and still no word from Wyze on this matter

Should we bring this up on the next Fix it Friday ?

I have a bookmark to remind me to add it to the list when the event starts. I know they are looking into this issue already, but the benefit with being on Fix-it-first-Friday is that we then get a weekly report about it and it becomes a priority.

Although, this ability works for me already…so maybe I don’t want it to win after all! Ha ha, just kidding, I always list and advocate important stuff even if it doesn’t affect me. :+1: And Jason told me it is helpful to add things to Fix It Friday even if they already know about them and are working on them, so we’ll do it.



Yes please do . As you read , others don’t get the insights either.

I seem to miss the fix it friday call outs , so if you could bring this up and get others to vote for it so that wyze can pick it up and work on it that’d be great . Thanks carver , you the man!


For anyone following this thread and wanting fixes to the Thermostat insights, I have reported these issues in Fix-it-Friday bug reporting event in the following post:

If this is affecting you, you may go vote for the issue (Like it) there so Wyze knows you’d like it addressed.


WOW! I don’t see the details button in the insights panel either! I wonder if the view is cut of on smaller screened smart phones? I have an iPhone SE.


I have an iPhone 11 and I don’t see it on my graph , I doubt phone has anything to do with it

As @spamoni4 has a google pixel and iPhone and he’s reported that the insights graph doesn’t show up on neither phone

But @carverofchoice has an android (not sure which one ) but he’s reported he is able to see the insights graph

Logs have been submitted and wyze is looking into the matter

I have a Google Pixel 5 and an iPhone 6s, and I have it on both of those. spamoni4 also has a Pixel 5 and it doesn’t show for him, so it’s definitely not phone specific.


Oh wow…I have had two tstats in my home for about 8 months now, and have never seen these additional insights, under usage. Had non idea this was something you could even see. That entire area under the bar graph is just blank. Very interesting…

iPhone 12 Pro & XS Max / iPad Air 2 / iOS app for M1 iMac

Both tstats are on a schedule, so this may be why ?


No, I have mine on a schedule too, and I see the insights, so it’s not that. I think it is a bug they are looking into to figure out why some have it and some don’t. I think they’re working on it, but we should keep bringing it up in the Fix-it-Friday Event so we can get a status report on it.


What do the different colors (orange and blue) mean in the data points of your graph?

Orange is heat. Blue is cool (AC)

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What ever happened with figuring out why some have Insights and others do not? I thought it was reported at a Fix it Friday.


It was. Apparently, it was a feature test that went out to a limited number of people with no promises that it would roll out to everyone.


How do we get this feature enabled for the rest of us? Crazy.

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Unfortunately it looks like the insight that you’re looking for isn’t enabled for every user. It seems only a few users get to see the additional insights.

Last I remember, Wyze was working on this but couldn’t guarantee that everyone would see these additional insights.

Tagging @WyzeJasonJ to see if he can offer more information and could give us an update on this…?


Wyze bread and butter is security cams. While they do releases bug fixes on other devices, I’ve yet to see any significant features added to there other devices. I have their sprinkler controller, thermostat and a couple of smart plugs and while I am generally happy, I’m a little disappointed that they haven’t added or improved on the existing functionality because there’s lots of room for improvement on both!

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Are you referring to the thermostat/insights? What could be improved?


Yes the current insights implementation is not much use. Adding things like a daily plot of ambient temp to run time, total run time per day (not just a vague bar and cumulative average), time on stage 1 vs stage 2, local outside temp, so many useful data points could be added (just look at what some of the competion includes!). Also include the ability to schedule the fan! Also fix the glitches in celcius such as the thermostat often reading 0.5C different than the app (I assume this is because all the calcs are done if F and then coverted to C?) Anyway could go on and on and if you read the features that get voted up for the thermostat in the form it’s all been said before, requested many times, but never seems to get any attention.

Smart plug insights could be similarly improved with a bit of thought. And in general, the UI of the app is often confusing, with main functionality (eg scheduling) burried in settings sub-sub menus, tiny gray text (I’m guessing the app is designed for andriod and ported to iPhone?).