Thermostat - how to delete the home home away preprograms

there’s no way to set the temperature warm enough or cool enough. So I can’t keep the temperature at 70 to 72 degrees and either has to be down to 68 or up to 74. It’s like you’re not allowed to have a comfortable temperature and when you have somebody who is pushing 90 and has Alzheimer’s this is just really not even funny.

I finally figured out how to delete all the precept programs that I thought was preventing us from having heat in the house. That didn’t solve the problem. But there’s still these temperature preferences that I can’t delete and it won’t let me have it heat to 70 and cool to 72. It’s forcing me to have 5° between heat and cool and these temperature preferences and I don’t know if that’s part of the problem which why we can’t have the house at a comfortable temperature and in fact the heat won’t even stay on right now.

The flames come on stay on for about 5 seconds and then go off not a single problem with the previous thermo running the furnace.

So how do I delete all the forced company temperature preferences so I can get rid of whatever it is preventing us from having a comfortable temperature and not being forced to have it too cold or too hot assuming that we can ever get it to actually operate the furnace.

I couldn’t be more disappointed in a product. And I thought the problems we had with the geo lux at another house was bad.

And to beat it all and being asked to pick a category but no category show up except for weird stuff like Android 2057 or something like that. Thermostat doesn’t register as a category…

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the thermostat does not follow the temperature preferences, it only follows your schedule. I believe there is a default schedule. To delete the schedule, swipe left on it.

You are asking for something that no thermostat offers. When a thermostat is in auto mode, it will always have a temperature gap of several degrees, to prevent the heating and air conditioning from fighting with each other. If you want to select a single temperature, then you must have it in manual heat or manual cool mode.

I have a crazy idea, what if it required a swing of 5°, but then brought it back down to the actual temperature that you wanted.
So if the person wants it to cool to 72° and it is currently in heat mode, it would require it to reach 75° .To switch to cooling. But then it actually would cool it to 72 degrees they’re comfortable.

Inversely if they wanted the heat to 70°, it acts like it’s just in heat mode and it keeps it at 70°. But if it was in cool mode, it would require to drop down to 68 before it turned on the heat. This is entirely doable with huge temperature swings and yet you wouldn’t mind because most of the time it would set it to a temperature that you wanted with only a minor time of it being a different temperature.

Really not hard.

The thing is that auto mode needs to be able to switch between heating and cooling seamlessly, it has no way to know if the user would rather have it be in “heating” mode if the user has set it to auto. Having a thermostat that is constantly heating the room to 75 and then cooling it back down to 72 seems like it would create an excessive energy bill, rather than just telling the thermostat that you want the temperature to be between 70 and 75. I highly doubt that the user actually could tell the difference between 74 and 70 degree room, if there was no temperature sensor to tell them what temperature the room is,

I don’t think you understand.

It wouldn’t heat it up to 75 and then back down to 72 that’s ridiculous.

It would simply keep the temperature at the floor or the ceiling depending on whether it’s hotter or colder outside.

This means if it’s 90° outside and if it’s in auto mode, the temperature in the house will rise and the ceiling of Auto is set to 75 right now. Therefore after it is 78° it will go down to 75 and it will stay there probably the entire day maybe into the night if you live where I do. It’s equivalent to having the thermostat set to cooling mode at 75° on a hot day.

But let’s just say the next day the temperature is 35° outside, now the system will allow the temperature to drop down to what we have it set to 72°. Then it will keep dropping because it’s still in heat mode, it will drop down to 71, 70, 69. Now the system will start the heater and it will keep it at 72° as if the temperature is set to 72° and the system is set to heat. And this would apply until the next wild temperature swing of 3° over your ceiling.

This wouldn’t take more energy than the current system. It would simply allow you to set up more correct level all day, instead of desiring a temperature at 72° and being forced to deal with 70…

Also my wife likes the temperature to be around 76°. I’d like the temperature to be around 70.
Whenever the temperature is hitting the ceiling I am burning the hell up. Whenever the temperature drops down to 70 she’s going to go turn off auto mode and bump the heat up till like 73 at least. The compromise would be my system which allows us to keep it in between at around 73/74° to be nice towards her. But the system needs to keep it at a exact level not 8 degrees below or above comfortable…

I do not have Auto control on and I can’t set my thermostat to heat and cool at or near the same temperature. That is odd. I understand if I have auto on then you need the separation to allow the thermostat to decide he or cool, but if auto is not on, it should allow me to have whatever temperatures. It is lazy programming not to have a requirement only if auto is on. I have to change the temperature several times to make my thermostat work. I like the house at 72 air conditioning and 70 heating. That can’t happen with what is developed now.