Thermostat help

I received my thermostat on Saturday. I’m having wiring install issues. Before I ordered this I made sure that my existing thermostat had the right wire connections. When I removed the furnace cover - the wires aren’t the screw in connectors. There is no bearer strip for the wires. I have attached a picture of the wiring in the furnace. The furnace is a Trane XL80 Gas Fired. I have the Trane installers guide which shows some of the circuitry. Any advice for installation would be appreciated.

It’s hard to tell from your picture but it looks like the wires are labeled to the right, post a picture of the wiring at your thermostat

Thanks for your reply. Here’s a picture of the wiring at the thermostat.

Do you see those same wires Y, R, W, G labeled at the furnace, along with a C wire?

There is a “common” wire on the unit’s picture, but not in the thermostat wiring photo.

I see the “com” but it includes V & R. If R is the 24v and V the common (I’d check it with a multimeter to verify) then he’d have to use the C wire adapter and connect to that common