Thermostat green wire issue

The problem is that the C wire adapter uses an unused wire to provide common to the wyze so it stays powered when it is running. If you have an O/B wire, then you have a heat pump. That means that when your heat is running, the following wires are “on”: W/Aux, Y, G, and depending on your model of heat pump, O/B. Therefore, if you need the O/B wire to be on during heat, and you do not have a common wire, then there is no way for the wyze to power itself during a heat call.
In addition, many installers skip the step of running the Y connection and common from the compressor to the air handler, with a separate run of the Y wire to the thermostat, which means that if you use the adapter in the air handler, when the wyze uses the Y wire for powering itself (when all other wires are in use) it powers the compressor.
The adapter switches common to an unused wire during the cycle that is being called. it is by default running on the green wire, but if it needs fan, it switches to a wire that is not needed for that call.

After a brief correspondence with customer service I was issued a replacement unit and it works perfectly. Thank you Wyze. If you have the same issue, I recommend reaching out to customer service.


I’m having problems with the G WIRE, but related to my system being a HEAT PUMP. My system uses 6 wires, like most - and I must use ALL 6 wires; I can’t tell the WYZE app that I don’t have a G Wire - or that I don’t have a C Wire. And the O Wire not being mentioned - is for the heat pump, which I have and others didn’t seem to have a G Wire problem involving the Heat Pump system.
I need specific help with the Wyze app not recognizing my G Wire (the thermostat terminal used for the fan relay to energize the indoor blower fan) for a heat pump based system. The O thermostat terminal (orange wire) goes to the outside heat pump condenser, for reversing valve control. Finally, this is for heat pump thermostats.
Perhaps customer service could send me a replacement unit.

Have you tried the try again/skip method? Just because the wyze cant detect the wire on setup doesn’t mean it wont try to activate it when it needs to turn it on.

Just installed my Wyze Thermostat yesterday afternoon. Ran into the same issue everyone here has reported. I honestly do not know what I did to finally get past this road block but the application finally let me finish up the setup. Thermostat works like a champ. I love that our Amazon Echos automagically discovered the Thermostat without me doing anything at all.

I need to adjust the temp offset. Its pretty clear its not completely correct. This morning the Thermostat was set to 66 degrees but it was clearly around 63 degrees in the apartment.

All in all…LOVE IT.

I had the same issue… Tested the system by jumping red to green and it worked fine. Just hit the “Skip” option and move along! Everything seems to be working fine!

I just figured out the issue, leave ground connected, and tell the app you don’t have it in setup process, everything will work just fine after