Thermostat graph not showing usage

Went to check my usage for today Friday August 19 and their is no usage being recorded when my t-stat has been running for a few hours today bc I know since I’ve been home …?

What to do

Has this issue been occurring for multiple days? Is it still occurring?

If this only happened one day, it may have been a bug. If it’s still occurring I would make sure the thermostat’s firmware and Wyze app are both up to date.

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Just this one day , yesterday on Friday . The graph didn’t show no time reading all day until the late evening when it ran a good 8 hours through out the day . Idk why it took so long for it to show…

Yes, both the t-stats FW and the wyze app are up to date

I just notice the t-stat is very slow to update a lot of things , the time on the display and app, it’ll say 1 hour to whatever temperature it’s been set to , update schedules , etc . It’s just a very slow device