Thermostat functions and not working properly

How does the behavior setting effect the thermostat function? No information on this. I have a heat pump with 1 stage of electric heat. My old thermostat would not use the electric heat unless the room temp was more then 2 degrees from setpoint. After looking at my daily energy usage I think that’s not the case with the Wyze thermostat. Some more information on how this functions and more flexible programming would be nice. By looking at the display or app I have no idea if the electric heat was being turned on. It don’t show that. Also sometimes I would look at the screen and it would be orange with a time to temp displayed but the unit was not running. After a week of use with the lack of peak/demand scheduling, still no remote sensor and proper functionality I had to remove this and reinstall my old Trusty Honeywell thermostat. I could not continue to try and make something work costing me more money on electric bill. At this point in time im considering this as a fail until these items are corrected/added.

I think you should try and perfect the new products you are putting out before just going crazy trying to flood us with more items. Already talking about outdoor sensor but we don’t have the remote sensor for the thermostat. I was expecting more user control of my thermostat I have pre ordered everything with the exception of the sprinkler controller as I have no need.

So far
Outdoor Cam=A
Wyze Cam v3=A++
Robot Vacuum=B
Outdoor Plug=A
Thermostat=D at this time. Hope you can improve
Doorbell=Can’t wait to get it. I have high hopes
Watch=Looks great can’t wait
Handheld vacuum=Looks like another great item

The differential setting we’ve been told is hidden until they fix some bugs but the default is +/- 0.5 degree.

In the top right of the thermostat screen there’s an icon next to the settings gear that looks like three bars. Tap that and it’ll show you how long the system has run that day in heating and cooling modes. It’ll give an average per day and the monthly total. Not super clear but it’s at least something.

There does seem to be something of a bug where the app tends to say the system is on/off when it’s not. The screen on the thermostat is right 100% of the time.

Speaking of which, the room temp displayed on the thermostat will round the temp in ways that makes it look farther off the set point than it actually is.

There’s no automatic peak/demand scheduling, but you can schedule your home temps to be different for the high cost periods by adding another block to the schedule and override to be higher/lower to prevent the system from engaging.

So do you know when would the thermostat turn on my 2nd stage of heating? 1st stage is heat pump and 2nd stage electric. I did try and program for peak times as away in the schedule but didn’t seem to work correctly all the time.

That depends entirely on where you put your white wire. If it’s in w1, stage 2 electric will kick on automatically, but I don’t know exactly what the parameters are. If it’s in the asterisk slot, you will have to manually turn on stage 2 in settings.

I did the w1 route for a bit and now I’m testing the asterisk route to see if I end up with lower energy cost despite longer run times because I’m not using the electric.

The schedule is a weird thing. It doesn’t seem to immediately update when you change it. It does update eventually and I’ve not noticed any deviation from it outside of the auto-switch and motion switch backs.

This behavior was (supposedly) fixed in the 2.17.x app (.7 for my Android). I have not seen that since I upgraded to that version. Some support people seem to think that the differential setting should also be present in this version, but it isn’t for me.

I think it mostly is fixed. I definitely don’t see it often but it’s still there. The differential stuff is not in my app either and I’m running the same version you are I think. I just don’t think it’s been added yet.

Right. I sent the support tech screen shots of the versions. From all I can tell it should be available soon.