Thermostat first impressions

No option to keep the screen lit constantly – I can’t look at it from across the room to see the temperature. Why should I have to walk up to it?

When cooling, the set point is large while the actual temperature is tiny in the upper corner. I’d rather see the actual temperature be large and the set point be small. And not so small! There is plenty of unused screen, so make it larger. Time until it gets to set point is displayed, but who cares?

No humidity displayed on the screen – There is plenty of unused space on the screen for it.

No documentation – What actually changes with the different “behavior” settings? And not the vague descriptions like “Very flexible control”.

No notifications available for temperature or humidity other than the “safety” temperature.

No option to create rules based on temperature or humidity. I want to control a plug based on humidity.

No option to control the AC based on humidity. – Important in Florida.

The Dial knob is just stupid. – Turn the knob one way and the scale above it on the screen goes the other way.