Thermostat Crash

So I ran into a rather difficult to reproduce potential crash bug with the Thermostat today.

As near as I can tell, here’s what happened:

  1. I walked past activating the screen while the system was running
  2. The screen timed out
  3. As the screen turned off this happened at the same time:
  4. I walked past again, activating the screen
  5. the system turned off
  6. The screen tried to change from the heating active to system idle states.

The result was I saw the Wyze logo indicating a crash and reboot.
@WyzeChuan @WyzeGwendolyn

Did you submit logs regarding this issue?

It’s not an app crash. It’s the actual thermostat and as near as I can tell there’s no way to access the logs for it.

You can send the t-stat logs through the app . Click on the thermostat, hit the settings cog > Wyze Support > Submit a Log

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