Thermostat coast to cool works for heat too

I stumbled across this yesterday for anyone that might want to try if they want a more consistent temperature in heating or cooling:

“Coast to cool” in the advanced settings seems to work for heating too. After turning it on, I noticed that the furnace turns off sooner and overshoots less. In my example, setpoint of 70 degrees without the option turned on would turn the furnace on at 69 and off at 71 degrees and by the time the blower turned off it might get to 72 degrees. With “coast to cool” on, it turns furnace on at 69 and off at 70 and I haven’t seen 71 after the blower turns off yet. It’s too cold to try it for cooling but I assume it would have the same affect.

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Thanks for the info. I just switched coast to cool on. I see what happens

I’ve found that it does the opposite in my house. It’ll get almost there, then blow the fan and never quite reach the set point leading to the system kicking on again after a short while. So if I have it set to 72 in the house, it will kick off when it goes over 71 and never reach 72.

Interesting that your set up doesn’t quite reach the setpoint. With the temps where we are at right now we have some long heating cycles that might be making mine perform different. I would like Wyze to simply make the temperature differentials user defined in tenths of a degree; then the user could adjust to their preference.

That’s only with coast to cool turned on. With it off, I usually overrun by about .75-1 degree. My theory is that the system isn’t anticipating how close it actually needs to be to hit the target because my house is poorly insulated.