Thermostat C wire

I have a C wire. On the thermostat panel is says " c wire optional with battery" When I spoke to Wyze they say to set up as if there was no C wire. When Wyze resolved to my email I was told to use the C wire. Using it is my preferable set up b/c it provides a power return.

What should I do? And what is Best? Please say why if you can

If you have a C wire available on your furnace that goes up to the thermostat, or an extra wire in your bundle that you can connect to C and then to the thermostat, then use the C wire.

The Wyze thermostat requires one of three things to power up. In order of best to worst they are, an existing C wire, the C Wire adapter if you don’t have a C wire, or an External 24 volt power supply. However, if you have a C wire available, that’s the best option.

I don’t know what’s going on with Wyze support, but telling you to proceed as if you don’t have a C wire when you do is bad advice and support.


This can’t be the Wyze Thermostat panel? There is no battery support for the Wyze Thermostat.

What @raym64 said.

You are probably looking at the base that came with your old thermostat. Remove it. Wire the cable to the Wyze product and mount that instead.

Thank you for your thorough response. I thought it best to utilize the c wire too. You are correct about the panel. It pairs with an older thermo it is not part of the wyze system.

The optional with batteries is from an older thermo not wyze