Thermostat Beta 1.2.4.a2 - Constant State Changes?

Hello All,

I have a rule setup that when the Thermostat is set to ‘Home’… go do XYZ. Likewise for ‘Sleep’ and ‘Away’.

Which, IMO, is one of the best ways to make your house the way you like it when you are there, or not, or asleep because the Thermostat is usually set to windows of time for how we exist.

Anywho, my rule is firing over and over again (once per minute)… like the Thermostat is constantly reapplying the mode (Home for example). So my rules are being flooded. Has anyone else seen this? Does anyone else have thermostat-based rules like this and is using the new beta firmware?

Log # 729241 has been uploaded.


Just curious if anyone using this thermostat firmware could run a test for me?

Set a rule that if your Thermostat changes to Home… turn a bulb on (or whatever).

The rule should happen once (change modes if you have to)… and then leave it in the “Home” state. Turn off the bulb… and see if it turns back on about 60 seconds later.

Also, your rule history should have that rule running every minute… even though your thermostat is doing nothing.

I tried deleting and readding the thermostat but that didn’t help… It’s constantly setting itself to Home or Sleep.

I’m just hoping someone else can confirm my insanity by doing a quick test rule (you need to run the latest Beta firmware for the Thermostat - 1.2.4.a2).

Here is a screenshot of what I mean. 5 times in 5 minutes:

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