Thermometer shipping update?

I placed an order for a thermometer on 4/21 and contacted support on 4/28. I still haven’t heard anything about shipping delays or estimated ship times. When the order was placed it said 3-5 business days. I’ve been unsuccessful in getting a response from support. Can anyone advise?

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There is a thread dedicated to missing orders.
Go there, post your order number and the tag @ WyzeGwendolyn (view the other posts to see what I mean).
She will look into it for you.
Click here: Missing Order!?


@WyzeGwendolyn I haven’t received the other half of my order. Where is the thermometer I ordered? I only got the masks. Where’s the thermometer?

My order number is



I am pretty sure the masks and thermometers shipped separately. If you have not already please submit a support ticket and post the number they give you here and I will try to help push this up the ladder.

I’ve sent a inquiry and they gave an automated message that they are swamped and will reply in 48-72 hours, ticket# 563219. It’s been way over 72 hours and I emailed them, only to find they’ve closed the ticket :angry:

In the receipt dated back in 4/17/2020 they gave me one fedex tracking number for order# 001859232. Only the masks cane on 4/29/2020

If it’s supposed to come in separately, they should have informed me. Now I’m confused? Is it being delivered separately, is it forgotten? Can you please clarify it for me?

Thank you for your time

Same thing here. I received the thermometer but not the masks. No info, answer or reply about what happened to the masks shipment. Order 002048996

I personally cannot clarify it for you as I do not work for WYZE i am just a user like you. I just volunteer my time to try and help out. I am pestering people who do work for WYZE though and will do my best to get you answers in here as soon as I can.


I believe I’ve helped everyone here in other areas except for marcoisabella. @marcoisabella, I’ve made a replacement order for your masks. It’s number 002435431. :slight_smile:

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