The switch on noise.. clank! clank!

For a l’l $20 cam this gidget has a distinctive, loud, switch-on sound. Like a metal spoon clacking on a metal pipe. Kudos and Cheers!

Agreed the sound is hilarious. I had an internet outage and it kept making the noise every couple mins but at first I couldn’t figure out what was making that noise. It would always seem to go just after I left the room. Now it’s unmistakable.

With a bit more bass it could be more like that detective show Law & Order(?)…OK WYZE, work on that.

p.s. I tried to make my username Wyzened (I’m olde), but no joy…

Yes it does scare some people and it’s fun to figure out what caused it for the first time. haha! Once you hear it, it’s definitely unmistakable!

Indeed. What is hte cause of this noise. I thought for a while a relay clicking but it is not likely a relay is needed to power 2 LEDs…

If you look closely when it switches (in a bright room cover the photo sensor) the lense changes. There’s an infrared filter over the camera during the day (otherwise the sun would wash out the image) and then it gets moved away for night time for the IR lights. It’s actually super smart and kudos to Wyze on this one!

Very nice, indeed!

If it’s a clank-clank sound, it’s more likely the camera recognizing an installed microSD card. Go to 1:25 in the video.