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Bought this and set it up and it worked for a little while but then it quit, it won’t work continuously. Wondering why I wasted my money on this product, I won’t get this brand again

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If you provide some details about what exactly is happening, a community member might have some suggestions. “It won’t work continuously” isn’t very descriptive.

Are we talking about recording continuously to the SD Card Playback or to the Cloud Upload Events Videos? Do you have a subscription assigned to the cam? What firmware version are you running? What are your Event Recording settings?

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How much more can I say ITS SHUTTING DOWN AND
NOT DOING ANYTHING. As far as I know it is the latest firmware

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There is plenty more info you could say.

Powering off? Or still powered? Able to live stream still? My version of “shutting down” or “won’t work continuously” could be different than someone else’s version of shutting down or “won’t work continuously.” As much info about what you are experiencing will help “paint the picture” of what your experiencing.

You can check this by going into the device info screen in the camera settings. Plus do state the actual firmware version numbers as that will tell exactly where the camera is and what bug fixes it has, and features available.